Technical services and ship repair
The company located in Vladivostok, Russia, and provides ship repair services in the ports of Far Eastern Russia, North China and worldwide during ship voyage.

Our main services are:

  • Conversions (floating dock conversion for long voyage)
  • Diesel Engine Repairs
  • Welding (certified)
  • Painting
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Motor Rewind, Repair or Replacement
  • Traveling Repairs (repair during voyage)
  • Hull thickness measurement

Short info:
Our company provides ship repair services since 2002. The main direction is supplying squads to perform repair during vessel voyage or dock stay. Since the beginning of our activity we served and established good business relationship will all local and several foreign shipping companies and they know us as reliable contractor. We are proud to say that one of our constant clients is Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO) which is known as one of the biggest shipping company in Russia.

While working in ship repair business we obtained wide experience and formed repair teams of skilled professionals. Our main teams are welders, motor repair mechanics, painters and electricians. Also we have construction department which provides engineering design for ship construction and also we provide such service as hull thickness measurement.

The repair services of our company are certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and also the company has certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2000.

The management of company consists of 15 people and working staff is 70 people. Managers are qualified and experienced people who worked for a long time in big shipping companies and ship repair plants.

Sailing repair brigades Co. Ltd (PRB Co. Ltd)
11, Komsomolskaya street,
Vladivostok, 690078, Russia
Tel. +7 (423) 243-18-16, 243-18-19, 243-18-21
Fax. +7 (423) 245-52-15